Effective communication is essential to achieving our mission. Check out these videos, news articles, peer-reviewed papers, blogs, and other forms of media that are related to our goals and objectives.

Video & Audio


An interview with representatives from Murphy Brown and Roeslein Alternative Energy describing a new partnership to use hog waste and prairie grasses to produce renewable energy.


The Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota has funded the next MCBA meeting. Read more here.

An article highlighting research on prairie strips in Iowa

New Billion Ton Report Analyzes Potential Environmental Effects Increasing Biomass Production

Peer-reviewed articles

A recent paper co-authored by Carol Williams on grassland birds and bioenergy.

Role of Landscape in Stormwater Management

Fact-sheets and land management guides

A landowner’s guide to prairie conservation strips

Best management guidelines for harvesting herbaceous biomass in the Prairie Pothole Region

Guidelines for harvesting herbaceous biomass in Wisconsin

WWF 2016 Plowprint Annual Report