Core Values

  • MCBA values native grasslands of all types and seeks to avoid loss of either existing native prairie lands or restored native grasslands.
  • MCBA values high quality habitat, soil and water conservation, and other ecosystem services that arise from sound land stewardship and management of native grasslands.
  • MCBA promotes the benefits of native grasslands and seeks to increase the value and occurrence of native grasslands within landscapes.
  • MCBA promotes projects based on best available science, technologies, and adaptability of techniques.
  • MCBA serves as a nexus of conservation and economy, striving to meet long term financial goals of landowners, communities, agriculture interests and industry while achieving local, regional and global natural resource conservation goals.
  • MCBA strives to be a solution oriented alliance demonstrating, replicating and supporting sustainable market-based solutions to natural resource conservation utilizing native grassland biomass.
  • MCBA engages in efforts that promote human well-being and that sustain land, air, water, and biological resources on which all life depends.