Sustainable Market Solutions

Driving change in government programs and public support are best fueled by ensuring that there is an economically viable alternative for current systems and thinking.

Through the use of large-scale native grassland restoration, MCBA aims to offer alternative solutions to farmers and landowners who suffer from the continued affects of soil degradation, erosion and uncertain agricultural yields.

The economic benefits of supplementing row crops with plantings of native grasses are tenfold when you consider the massive root system of these native grasses help to enrich the soil with valuable lost nutrients, prevent erosion of the land, and prevent massive flooding due to the enhanced water absorption capabilities of the renewed landscape.

As a renewable agricultural solution, native grasses can be harvested for use in cellulosic biomass energy operations, thus creating an alternative for other fuelstock. The harvested native grasses also serve as an effective, sustainable substitute for traditional feed sources for livestock operations.


Ecological benefits

  • Biomass types and production methods improve land and natural resources
  • Plant community management protects biodiversity
  • Harvest regimes safeguard beneficial insects and grassland birds
  • Storage and transportation systems limit energy use
  • Conversion technology integrates with existing agricultural systems